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The Cabin
THE CABIN is the story of three individuals, Sue, Ethan, and Anna attempting to survive the Alaskan winter in a log cabin that they built.


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The Blue Ocean's Peace

blueoceanpeaceLiana works at the beach and looks like any other college student. She's blond, blue-eyed and very pretty. She works along with Russian students whom the hotel hired for the summer. Liana is very intelligent and speaks several languages including perfect English. All her friends believe Liana is Russian, as she knows their language and customs by heart. However Liana isn't Russian, but a Chechen Muslim. Her goal is simple- she wants herself and her mother to survive. She considers herself a pawn in a cruel and deadly game. The rest of the world knows her as a terrorist.

Liana's looks and demeanor hide the fact that she has spent endless years in combat seeing every horror known to man. She has fought in three separate countries and is now on an assignment in the United States. She will be ordered to befriend a U.S. Senator and join his staff. Her mission will be to place, and detonate, a tiny nuclear bomb in the Capital while the Senate is in session. The ultimate goal of her mission will be to destroy the foundation of the U.S. government in one brutal strike.


thecabin_medThe Cabin is the story of three individuals, Sue, Ethan, and Anna attempting to survive the Alaskan winter in a log cabin that they built. Sue and Ethan are childhood friends and together they hitchhike across the country, purchase a truck in Oregon, and travel to Fairbanks, Alaska. In Fairbanks, they meet Sue's companion Anna. Anna is a beautiful, but terribly troubled, woman who has spent the winter gathering supplies and gear to outfit the adventure. The three overcome a host of initial problems and travel deep into the wilderness. They attempt to build a log cabin, and begin to try to live out their lives. The three find themselves plagued by building the cabin, the harsh conditions they live under, and their own interactions. The greatest danger the three face is a secret that Anna has kept hidden from everyone.

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Walt is a local author who often pens stories related to his life and travels. An avid hunter, fisherman and gatherer he has journeyed to the remotest regions of the country. He began traveling around the country at the age of fourteen, often hitchhiking to his destination. THE CABIN was inspired by such a journey with a childhood friend. Walt lives in East Petersburg, Pa. with his wife and two children. He still loves to travel and spends his free time hunting, fishing and writing. He is a member of the Lancaster Area Writers Group and Pennwriters. Walt has written five novels.

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Walter Honsinger