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Marketing from the Trenches
Marketing from the Trenches is a must read for every retail business owner, manager, and entrepreneur. Through anecdotes, real experiences, and documented growth trends, the book reveals to the reader proven methods that will grow their business.
Trench Marketer


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Gotham City Publishers
Marketing from the Trenches is a must read for every retail business owner, manager, and entrepreneur. Through anecdotes, real-life experiences, and documented growth trends, the book reveals to the reader proven methods that will grow their business. The increasing endorsements are a testament to the author's growing list of followers. The author's three "P"s are far more relevant than the scholastic marketing model's four "P"s, most especially for those in retail operations. The writing style is casual with an ever present tongue-in-cheek sense of humor that won't allow the reader to put the book down.
non-fiction, business, self-help

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“Rudy Waldner mixes his folksy style with his must-read marketing tips. Who needs a high-priced marketing agency? Waldner’s no-nonsense approach is guaranteed to grow your business!”

Roxanne A. Jones
Vice President & Senior Coordinating Editor
ESPN Inc., New York
“This is a great read with several gems to run your business by. It should be required reading for any level management, from the single-store manager and employees all the way back to the ivory tower.

The theme of cooperative marketing by tenants in the same shopping area is exactly right and should be common sense to any management team trying to succeed. I have always pushed non-negotiable standards to store operators. It is great to see the same approach by a marketing genius.”

James Whatley
Former Operations Director
Blockbuster, United Kingdom
Waldner's marketing tips are accessible enough for students, practical enough for first time retail business people and his book contains enough applicable ideas that a seasoned marketer might wish they had written the book first. A nuts and bolts approach that can be implemented, monitored and measured - and marketing doesn't get much better than that."

Bea Toews, Business Instructor
Anglo-American School
Moscow, Russia
“I’ve implemented Rudy’s program in several different industries, from mall retail to free-standing. The message hits the mark: getting managers out there and talking to their customers is the only way to go to get their commitment and grow the business. And, managers and staff love to interact with customers once they understand how to. I highly recommend Marketing from the Trenches. It is a tried-and-true program for successful sales growth.”

Bob Kalafut
Vice President of Operations
Barnies Coffee & Tea Company, Inc., Florida
“Waldner weaves anecdotes and action plans into a concise strategy for revenue growth. He provides a playbook of behavioral tactics that are both measurable and designed to enhance customer generation. A must read for family business managers, multi-unit managers, first-time managers, and budding entrepreneurs.”

Darren C. Treadway, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Management, University of Mississippi
“Waldner's deceptively simple approach to complex marketing strategies has played an invaluable role in increasing our sales and customer service. Inspirational, engaging and motivating, Marketing from the Trenches is required reading for all business owners. Highly recommended!”

Peter Blake
Peter Blake Gallery, California

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Area Signings, Non-local Signings, Workshops/Lectures, Conferences, Personal Coaching
383-K Ralph McGill Blvd
Atlanta GA 30312


Trench Marketing: How to Grow Your Business from Behind Your Counter
Walk away with a customized “Trench Marketing” plan that you’ll be able to build on and implement in your business, with minimal dollars. Rudolf Waldner, author of “Marketing from the Trenches: Your Guide to Retail Success,” will walk you through a simple business growth program and share documented successes, including record breaking return on investment, with graphs that prove out the program. Bring $8 for materials.
CONVENER: Rudolf Waldner
CLASS FEE: $9.00
Sec. A: 1 session(s); Beginning Wednesday, June 22, 2011 6:30 PM;
Waldo Branch Library, Rm. B, 75th & Grand, KCMO; 
Guest Lectures
see www.TrenchMarketer.com

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