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The Ones That Got Away
Are you ready to meet your new best friend? Then grab a cup of coffee and let's go. If what they say about girl talk is true, and misery loving company, then come along and enjoy this commiserative tale of the trials and tribulations of modern dating.

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Honeybee Publishing Company

Here are a few excerpts from the latest review on The Ones That Got Away...

"I am pretty sure there is something universal in The Ones that Got Away. Someone who married her high-school sweetheart might not be able to identify with Hill, but I think that most women who have been out on a few dates will find something familiar here...

"Taken alone any chapter of this book would be a funny little vignette. And Hill is very funny. Her style is sometimes like a stand-up comedian. I laughed out loud several times. What caught me by surprise, though, was that the sum total of these stories was more than a good laugh...

"...without ever expecting to, I found myself liking and rooting for this person whose life reminded me of my own. Ms. Hill helped me forgive my own past mistakes, and that was the last thing I expected to get out of this book.

"Without making many overt attempts at offering wisdom or encouragement, save for the last few pages, M. Hill gives us an opportunity to see ourselves a little more clearly. In the very personal details of her own life, Hill says something universal-- at least for women who date men. I would not necessarily recommend the book to a man. If, however, there is a man who has always wondered what women talk about when they are alone, he can find out right here. Hill's tone throughout is that of one girlfriend to another, and the subject matter like many cozy conversations I have had among women."

Click here to read the complete review by Eloise Michael for the Feathered Quill.

You can also read a Feathered Quill interview here...



non-fiction, women's issues, biography, humor, memoir

About Me

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M. Hill is a Northeast transplant currently living in Scottsdale, AZ. This is her first book--an elaborate answer to the repetitive question, "Why are you still single?" (Read the book, you'll understand.)


M. Hill is a great writer! You feel like you are there with her, like a fly on the wall, as she tells of her devastating and delighting encounters with the opposite sex. It's hilarious at times. I laughed so hard! I couldn't put the book down. In it is a lesson to be treasured by all. Read this book! You'll feel as though you found a new friend! BRAVO!! Laura J. Mitchell, Amazon.com reviewer

Incredibly witty, light, easy, entertaining reading. I loved it! ...I do not know one woman who wouldn't enjoy this book. Men, I dare you to read it. It very well could be a good source of reference for anyone on the subject of dating. E. Trent, an Amazon.com reviewer
"Girls, you'll be nodding in agreement and recognition; guys, park your egos and find out what the dating game looks like from one female's point of view." Sharon K. Garner, author of Sanctuary

"It's like delighting in your best friend's dirty details without having to divulge your own! I laughed out loud! I held my breath! I was moved by her raw honesty." Kathy Carlson, Marketing Executive

"A real page turner; I could not put it down!" Beth Eyring, Massage Therapist
"The Ones that Got Away: A Dating Memoir" is a wonderful book to read. It is a must read for single women and I also highly recommend it to married women... Paige Lovitt, ReaderViews.com

I truly enjoyed reading this book and journeying with the author through her trials and tribulations. Hill's sense of humor is right on, I especially loved her asides and seques. I sped through this book because I couldn't put it down! I wanted to hear about her next encounter.
Hill reveals some of her most intimate thoughts and moments, but still keeps it all in perspective. D. Ross, an Amazon.com reviewer

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M. Hill
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Scottsdale, AZ 85255


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