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The Usurper
The USSR decides to do whatever it takes to take down the US from within, including siding with every terrorist organization in the world.

My Books

Cliff Ball
Ever wonder what would happen if our worst fears were realized, and we elected someone who was willing to destroy the USA no matter the cost to him, his fellow countrymen, or the rest of the world? The Usurper is that novel.

Gary Jackson is raised to hate. Hate the United States, its people, and everything they have ever stood for. His mission is to destroy the country from within, allying himself with the worst of America's enemies, and one very powerful and malevolent billionaire, to accomplish the deed. Once elected to the highest position in the land, Gary puts his lifelong goals to work, and puts the USA onto the path of ultimate destruction. He stops at nothing to rid the USA of his political and spiritual enemies, until a small group decide they've had enough, and they want to stop him. Will they succeed or will the United States be relegated to the dustbin of history?

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My three other books:

Out of Time, Don't Mess With Earth, and Shattered Earth

check out my website: http://cliff1974.wordpress.com for information on where to find them.



action/adventure, fiction, science fiction, thriller, ebook, history, fantasy

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36 years old, Christian, and I have a BA in English from Midwestern State. Author of two science fiction novels, "Out of Time" and "Shattered Earth," and political thriller, "The Usurper." Won a 3rd in a short story contest through Creative Writing in high school, it was called "Role Reversal."

I work as a copyeditor, offering affordable copyediting for a $1 per page utilizing Word's editing features. Check out http://www.digitalwritingservices.com for more information.


Fantastic concept, engaging read! Cliff Ball does it again. - M.R. Mathias
“A cold-blooded, Clancy-esque political thriller; The Usurper is sure to entertain.”

I just finished reading The Usurper and enjoyed the book. I love the concept of this book and the ending caught me totally off guard. The Usurper is a quick read. There are many correlations with the real world that most of us can relate to. If only they had turned out differently. The book smacks of conspiracy theories. Who knows, this book could possibly be one of those that, in a few years, will make us wonder, "How did the author get so close to the truth?"

J.C. Phelps
The Usurper is not usually my favourite type of novel but Cliff Ball really surprised me. This is a very fast-paced, action-packed book once you get past the first few chapters. I think what impressed me the most was Ball's very accurate depiction of the power of indoctrination. In many ways it was a rather chilling view of what 'could have been'. If you like political thrillers then I highly recommend it. I only took away a star because it wasn't really my kind of book so I couldn't get as lost in the story as I would've liked.

Tracey Alley
Cliff weaves an interesting story with enough connections to real happenings in the world today that this book seems to be non-fiction.

Just when you think you know where the story line is going Cliff changes up on you. While some things are predictable others are not, which adds to the enjoyment of the book.

Some events catch you totally off guard. While it may seem to start slow stick with it, you will not be disappointed.

Brian Knapp

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