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things we once loved
Covering traditional rhyme, non-rhyme and Australian bush verse, this FREE collection of 24 carefully selected poems explores a reflective and nostalgic look at our not-so-distant past.

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Things we once loved is a collection of poetry from author and poet Phillip Overton spanning the earlier years of his career. Covering traditional rhyme, non-rhyme and Australian bush verse, this collection of 24 carefully selected poems explores a reflective and nostalgic look at our not-so-distant past. Things we once loved is an ambitious project by the author and is offered as a FREE ebook download exclusively through AuthorStand.com.

things we once loved

altAuthorStand, March 2011

Things we once loved is a collection of poetry from Australian author and poet Phillip Overton. Spanning the earlier years of his career and covering traditional rhyme, non-rhyme and Australian bush verse, this collection of 24 carefully selected poems explores a reflective and nostalgic look at our not-so-distant past. It draws heavily from his time spent growing up in the small rural township of Foster, tucked away in the countryside of South Gippsland, Victoria. Please ensure this collection is among the most downloaded poetry ebooks by encouraging friends and family to download their FREE copy directly through AuthorStand.com


A Walk Before Sunrise

ISBN 1-4269-1345-1, Trafford Publishing, September 2009

AWalkBeforeSunriseNeil Phillips thought he had it all. Engaged to a gorgeous work colleague named Simone, he already has the big house, huge salary and fast sports car. With the company he works for in Australia suddenly on the verge of international success, he is ready to fill a huge position overseas in L.A. Only he arrives home early from a presentation to discover his boss in bed with his fiancée.

With everything falling apart, he flees the city and finds himself alone with his thoughts in the coastal haven of Byron Bay. Where a surprise attraction towards a beautiful waitress named Lorraine sends his life free-falling in another direction altogether. Just how soon is too soon to be moving on? What secret is her fifteen year old daughter hiding? And when he finds out will he let it stand in the way of a bold new love or will it be too late to save her daughter from a terrible fate?

A Walk Before Sunrise is the new book from Phillip Overton. Set in the exotic coastal haven of Byron Bay on the east coast of Australia, the story presents one man's account of a career obsession gone horribly wrong and the rediscovery of what really matters most in life. The story of an unexpected romance set amidst the stunning background of a truly alternative lifestyle community, is sure to both delight and captivate readers who themselves may also be dreaming of a new tomorrow. It serves as a reminder that when things take a turn for the worse, life is still for living, friendships will always rise to the top and falling in love may be only a heartbeat away.

The Long Way Home

ISBN 1-4251-1163-7, Trafford Publishing, February 2007

TheLongWayHomeDoug Small was always destined to be a good father. However, the 1980's would be a decade of rebuilding his life after his marriage to Rowena ends in failure. For their son Simon, the decade would be one of survival, living with his mother in their home in Gosford, north of Sydney, Australia.

Forced to watch helplessly as his mother's life spirals downward into a cycle of depression and violence, Simon becomes aware of a guiding presence in his life. Is this same presence also at work in his father's life, and could it in fact be an Angel guiding both of them towards their destiny? Life is a journey sometimes waiting to lead us The Long Way Home.

The Long Way Home tackles the question, why do bad things happen to good people? It gives us the answer in an endearing way, reassuring the reader that better days are just around the next corner. A fine mix of life inspiring drama with a touch of supernatural gentleness, it is a story that will leave the reader feeling better for having read it. It is a reminder of how life is a journey leading into a future blinded by endless possibilities, and how sometimes it is waiting to lead us the long way home.

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Phillip Overton is the author of three novels, A Walk Before Sunrise, The Long Way Home and the yet to be published third novel he completed in 2010. A former PolkaDotBanner Featured Author of the month in October 2009 he lives on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia.


Official 2nd Round Selection - 2010 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award for A Walk Before Sunrise.
A Walk Before Sunrise is the perfect beach or long winter day's read!
Marcy Blesy ~ Rebecca's Reads
Reminds me somewhat of the writings of Nicholas Sparks.
Leslie Granier ~ Reader Views
The compulsion to turn the page stays with the reader from start to finish.
~ Writer's Digest Magazine
Many authors have a difficult time creating such a carefully crafted unsympathetic narrator, so in that respect the novel is very well done.
~ Amazon breakthrough novel review

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G'day from Australia to all my readers around the world.


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