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L. Anne Carrington


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The Cruiserweight
Brett and Karen are from two separate worlds with one common interest that brought them together - wrestling.
L. Anne Carrington - Author

My Books

Night Publishing
In this punchy, romantic take on the wrestling world where only some of the physical contact takes place in the ring, sports journalist Karen Montgomery has been following for years the career of Brett Kerrigan, one of the smallest cruiserweight wrestlers in the business, and can recall in detail every bout he has ever fought, recognizing his outstanding skills as a wrestler and his intuitive flair for entertaining the crowd.

She has even written an award-winning article about him. Now she desperately wants to meet him.

One night, after many failed attempts to reach him, she looks up to find him standing right there in front of her. They get talking and they immediately hit it off.

However, as they become involved and grow ever-closer, Brett loses his contract and must strike out on his own. Will their relationship survive the pressures on both of them, their differences in ages, and the other women in Brett's life?

Or will one of them decide they are not the ideal tag-team after all?
fiction, ebook, romance

About Me

Author Portrait
L. Anne Carrington is a writer whose previous work covered topics from fiction to news stories, human interest features, and entertainment reviews. A descendant of silent film star Rubye De Remer and criminal justice reporter/author James G. Baldwin, she wrote The Wrestling Babe internet column for seven years, is a former music reviewer for Indie Music Stop, and pens several other works which appears in both print and Web media.

One of her freelance articles, An Overview of Causes of Hearing Loss and Deafness, was bought by Internet Broadcasting Systems, a company that co-produced NBCOlympics.com for the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens and the 2006 Torino Winter Olympics in addition to being the leading provider of Web sites, content and advertising revenue solutions to the largest and most successful media companies.

In addition to the December 2010 publication of her first novel The Cruiserweight by Night Publishing, Ms. Carrington is also Pittsburgh Examiner’s etiquette columnist, a book reviewer for Free Press, (an imprint of top publisher Simon & Schuster), writing her next book, Fifty, and conducting additional research on Rubye De Remer for a future project.

Ms. Carrington resides in Pittsburgh, PA.


New York Times bestselling author Lisa Scottoline, via Twitter 10/18/10:
"You are too great! Thanks!"
Anthony J. Valvo - "Mr. V.", The Teachers Lounge, WrestleView Radio:
"I hope for all the best with your book. If I know anything, it is that writers from Pittsburgh are highly credible, right? I do plan on purchasing the book online soon, but will be getting it on paperback when it comes out. I do this not because I heard great things about you, but that you are in fact from the greatest city in the U.S. I wish you well and best of luck with the book."
Angela Brown, Wild Child Publishing/Freya's Bower:
"Your story has potential. Your storyline seems to be solid."
Simon & Schuster author Karen Hillard Good, Reindeer Christmas and The Very Best Pumpkin:
“I really like your character Brett and I'm hoping things work out for him with Karen. Good luck with this!”
Lisa Adams, author of Lords of War, Teen Queens and Has-Beens and The Princess of Pop:
“Ok, so if ever there was the antithesis of "The Wrestler," this is it. I learned more about the sport of pro wrestling than I ever have the umpteen years of the sport's existence. I like the extensive use of dialogue instead of the blocks of narrative with a little dialogue thrown in. You have picked an obtuse subject matter, but you have handled it well. And Karen's character drew me in because female sports journalists are on the rise.”
Pushcart Prize nominee and S.W. Writers Contest Thriller Category winner Gary Ponzo, author of A Touch of Deceit:
“Obviously a talented writer. Would love to see more.”

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L. Anne Carrington
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