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Ring Around the Murder
A murderous "artist" is loose in World Orbit Wrestling. Can he be stopped before he completes his most coveted masterpiece?
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When murders begin occurring around World Orbit Wrestling, Shannon Brock worries for her cousin, Melissa, who works for the successful wrestling company. Especially when it becomes clear that the killer is slaughtering females with identical features. From the similarities in victims to the number of killings, it is obviously the work of a serial killer. This worries the cousins since they share the attributes that the killer has an eye for. Nonetheless, Shannon decides to train with the company to help protect Melissa. But when tragedy strikes, Shannon vows to find the killer and seek justice. She soon realizes she is playing with fire however, when she becomes the killer’s next obsession. Tortured in her nightmares as well as reality, she has no one to turn to except for legendary wrestler, Joshua Davis. Sworn to protect her, Joshua can’t help himself as he breaks his own ‘no women’ rule and falls for the beautiful ex-model. Drawn in by his large, muscled build and warm southern drawl, Shannon is rendered powerless against Joshua’s domineering passion. But can she trust him to keep her safe when the killer gets closer?
action/adventure, fiction, suspense, mystery, thriller, horror, romance

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Lilly S. Rowland has many hobbies such as singing, reading, and drawing. But the hobbies that she holds most dear to her heart is singing and writing. She discovered her love for writing when she began imagining "scenes" in her head. They usually involved her favorite celebrities, singers, and wrestlers. Deciding to experiment, she tried writing the scenes down and transforming them into full-fledged stories. Lilly went online initially to post her stories on her own website, and with a little research, quickly found that she was not alone in writing about her favorite stars. She discovered that the stories she was writing were termed "Fan Fiction". Excited that so many people online shared her passion, she began furiously writing numerous tales. She wrote about some of her favorite singers from the Backstreet Boys to Nsync and and her favorite actors such as John Travolta and George Clooney. Over time, she grew fascinated by wrestling and began writing about several of her favorite wrestlers.

The fact that so many people loved to read and write fan fiction fueled her passion and she soon found that writing would always be a huge part of her life. This realization helped her to decide to to chase her newfound dream of writing a novel.

Her current project is a book called Ring Around the Murder, a romantic thriller about a serial killer that is loose in a successful wrestling company. Lilly plans to write more novels of varying genres; the story of her dear Cocker Spaniel, a memoir of nearly five torturous years of enduring her mother's second husband's monstrosities, among other ideas that enter her imagination.

Lilly feels that the sky is the limit, and strives to earn her place in the writing world as the best writer she can be.

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Lilly Rowland
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