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Sorrowed Souls
Bryan Tines wakes up dirty and hungry on the sidewalks. He cannot remember who he is. Through the kindness of the 'streets' he takes a journey to find out what is important in life. Follow along as life is not always as it appears on the outside.
Brenda Youngerman

My Books

Eloquent Books
The eyes are said to be the window to the soul. Have you ever looked at someone whose eyes have no light? Follow the journey out of the darkness. In the space of a moment, Bryan Tines thought he had lost everything that was important to him. Waking up in a strange place with no recollection of where he came from, or who he was; lost, hungry and dirty, his life would have been over if not for the kindness of the invisible layer of society. Gus Hill was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and alcohol coursing through his veins. Living on the outside looking in, Gus goes down a path of self-destruction and finds that the harsh words of a true friend enable him to help himself and others who feel their lives have no meaning. Through this path, Gus finds what is really important. Amy Pickens was born into a working class family-a planned and difficult birth-her mother never let her forget how much of a burden Amy's life was to her. She became the unwanted child. Struggling with confidence issues, she accidentally finds happiness, which in one fleeting moment, appears to go awry. Brenda Youngerman writes a tale of stunning clarity and insight into the lives of average people. Beautifully written, her novel explores the human condition, the ways in which our past torture and free us, and the risks we're willing to take to realize the illusive dream of happiness.
Hidden Truths Publisher Eloquent Books Published September 2008 Public Lies Publisher Outskirts Press Published October 2007 Private Scars Publisher iUniverse Published November 2006 All information is available on my website (see below)
fiction, thriller

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I have lived in southern California all my life and was raised in a very large family. My parents divorced when I was young - before it was the 'in' thing to do. I never really felt like I fit in so I did a lot of people watching. It was not a great thing to do as a child, but turned out to be a wonderful way to be an author. I am the youngest of 17 grandchildren on one side and the youngest of 12 on the other side.
I write what I call Fiction with a Purpose - drawing on real life situations and write from the characters' point of view. I like to take the reader on a ride so that when they put the book down they ask themself, "Was that true?" I also bring in very real social issues so that a conversation can begin and perhaps someone can see some similarity between their life and the novel.


Publisher and Editorial Awards for Private Scars

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Brenda Youngerman


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