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Victor and the Sun Orb
In the world of Solandia, a sun fairy prince is cursed to mortality. His quest to retrieve the sun orb and find the dark-hooded figure are the ultimate ways to get his power back.

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Victor, a fairy prince of Solandia, should enjoy a carefree life. But from an early age, he finds himself very busy.

He learns complex magic and martial arts. He's even taught how to live in a human world. That's because his parents, King Godfred and Queen Magenta, know about a mortality spell that was cast on their son on the very day of his baptism.

A dark, hooded figure with eyes that burn like coal is to blame. Victor's parents know that on his thirteenth birthday, their beloved son will be forced to leave Solandia and live with humans, perhaps never to return.

To find an antidote to the spell cast upon him as an infant, Victor must retrieve the mysterious sun orb, a source of magical power now in the hands of the dark, hooded figure.

To find an antidote to the spell cast upon him as an infant, Victor must retrieve the mysterious sun orb, a source of magical power now in the hands of the dark, hooded figure.

As he sets upon his quest, a war between the forces of light and darkness erupts. Good fairies wage battles against dark fairies, even as the power in their wands fades.

Enter a world of magic, and join the fairy prince as he fights for family, love, and friendship in Victor and the Sun Orb.
action/adventure, fiction, childrens, young adult, fantasy

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Amy Nielsen was raised in the Philippines and earned a bachelor's degree in English from Saint Louis University, Baguio City.

She worked as Regional Youth Coordinator at Divine Word Youth Center, giving retreats, recollections, leadership seminars, organizing regional and national youth assemblies. She's part of the Organizing Committee of World Youth Day '95 in Manila and had been invited speaker to youth assemblies in several countries in Europe.

She changed pace after five years for her work put her on road tours all the time. She tried her luck in the business world and worked as Executive Staff in an importer/distributor company in Manila.

She migrated to Denmark in 2001 and settled with her Danish husband. She's currently writing a sequel to Victor and the Sun Orb titled Victor and the Seven Circles of Darkness. Her second book (co-author Leny Grace Acosta), In the Light of God's Grace, a short memoir and an inspirational book for parents with children with cerebral palsy will be out this fall.

Victor and the Sun Orb is her first published book and receives rave reviews from readers and professional reviewers. The reviews are posted on www.amynielsenbook.com and Amazon.com.


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Bettie Corbin Tucker, Author, Publisher, Independent Professional Book Reviewers (5-stars)

The author, obviously very gifted, has crafted a dramatic adventure with a magical storyline that brings the characters to life with vivid description and appropriate dialogue. Readers will be fascinated by the many mythical creatures and will want to read this book over and over again. My eleven-year-old granddaughter was instantly hooked by the storyline and then enjoyed telling the story to her younger brother. Victor and the Sun Orb is wonderfully entertaining with important lessons to be learned. I highly recommend it.
Cy Hilterman, Bestsellersworld.com 5-stars)

When I was approached to read and review this book, I tossed over and over in my mind as to whether I could enjoy this type of book and give it a justifiable review. As I got into the book, it grew on me very quickly to the point that I was looking forward to the next page to find out what could occur next. This book is written for 8 to 12 year old children but after reading this excellent book, I think even older age groups would love it. As I read I couldn’t but help think of what a great movie it would make...
Gary Sorkin, Senior Editor, Pacific Book Review (5-stars)

Amy Nielsen takes readers on this beautifully written childhood story in her novel Victor and the Sun Orb. In the wake of creative authors such as Hans Christian Andersen, each page is open and bright with clarity of the altruistic goals and motivations of her characters. She artfully sets the storybook world where colorful magical powers grace the existence of fanciful characters. She gently darkens the story with an evil undercurrent, however bad behavior gets punished whilst good prevails and morality is rewarded - all wonderful lessons to be taught to our children.
William Potter, Author, Reader's Choice Book Reviews (5-stars)

The book captivates from the Prologue. Amy Nielsen has created a universe with loveable creatures, horrible monsters, and mythical magic, effectively keeping readers of all ages entertained from cover to cover. Nielsen steadily builds the momentum over the first 100 pages. Then she throws us onto a thrill ride of twists and turns in the closing chapters. Highly recommended for readers 8-13.
The Book Buff (4-stars)

The book is a wonderfully written YA mini-epic. It isn't quite as epic as say The Chronicles of Narnia, but it absolutely holds its own. Much like Narnia, this book is one that can be enjoyed at any age, teen or adult (hey I liked it and I'm in my early 20s). The strongest point was the writing in general, I thought it was awesome. I think the author did really well in making it very readable, while at the same time, challenging the young teen reader.

I am looking forward to more from this author in the future. The book was chalk full of real life lessons intermingled seamlessly with the elements of magic, which appeals to the kid in everyone. The ending was sweet and predictable, but the book was really more about the journey rather than the destination. I loved this book, and highly recommend it for young teens.
Judith Mays, The Muncie Times

I thought about Peter Pan and his beloved Tinker Bell while reading this exceptional offering by Nielsen. Exceptional in that the author has taken her craft beyond just the typical fiction fantasy and painted a biological sketch of an improbable dimension. In fact, one could possibly conjure up the notion that the location in Victor and the Sun Orb could very well be Tinker Bell’s own hometown. This fantasy kingdom is known as Solandia.

Throughout the 158 page book Nielsen builds a creative tapestry that weaves an incredible story. The book in my opinion would readily hold the attention of the intended reading audience. The upside is that a reader’s passion for reading and perhaps writing would be stirred.

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