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Claire Power Murphy


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Preserved to Serve
Winner of 5 diversified awards, Preseved to Serve
is a spellbinding semi-autobiographical tale of triumph over repeated adversities!

My Books

non-fiction, self-help, religion, health, biography, inspirational, wellness

About Me

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From a semi-abandoned sickly start in the South Bronx to teacher, wife, mother, widow, new marriage, new mom to retirement, to given 3 days to live, to "multi "award-winning" author, to "award-winning" business director. The common thread is upgrading to improving health.
Claire now shares with others how they may accomplish improved health every year!


Female Autobiography of the Year 2008 from PageOneLit the #1 literary newsletter on the net
Finalist in Chritian Inspiration 2008 USA Best Books
2010 Finalist in 3 Categories:Independent Book Awards
. Health: General
. Best New Non-Fiction
. Self-Help: Motivational
Reviews are available at
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3003 NW State Road 45
Newberry, FL 32669


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2010WebSupporter.png2010 Web Supporter 2010-08-17Thanks for spreading good words about the PDB out on the web. You now have a new icon on your awards tab in your PDB profile!

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Incredible Timely Updates for a time such as this:

Created On: 10/05/2010 06:00:57
Prestigious National Honor Society Renaissance Woman of the Decade - to
be on the cover of the January 2010 Alumni Registry.
Ashford Publishing - Home Page Spotlight - 12/2010.
Who's Who Among America's Leading Professionals: Professional of the Year for Unsurpassed Leadership in the Field of Health, Wellness, and
Nutrition - to be part of a CD housed in UF. Preserved to Serve Claire

Unsurpassed Leadership in Health, Wellness, and Nutrition!

Created On: 09/25/2010 01:44:21
Named Professional of the Year by Who's Who Among America's Leading Professionals:2011!

Multi "award-winning" Preserved to Serve is the lure to the work of The Self Rejuvenation Center which offers solutions to the healthcare and educaton crises, childhood obesity, childhood allergies, the drug scourge and all other disease conditions.

In re. major insurance companies rejecting The Healthcare Reform Act child-only policies for children with pre-existing conditions - take all comers who take a blood test as a control, but then only retain those who show improvement - all proven in Preserved to Serve.

Shifting money around (which we don't have) and power plays will no longer work.

It's time to transform our focus.

What Are the Origins of Childhood Obesity?

Created On: 09/22/2010 06:27:10
Pediatricians are recommending not to introduce solid food for the first six months of life.

Would the best invesment for our future come in raising our children well giving them the best possible start in life?

An overweight child is much more likely to become an overweight adult.

An irrefutable case study exists in multi "award-winning" Preserved to Serve which demonstrates graphically the difference a high level natural lifestyle can make.

It also shows quite clearly that charts for infant progress are skewed towards high weights for babies.

My business, The Self -Rejuvenation Center, offers the proven highest level schedule for feeding children.

Is it not time to pay attention or are we just going to fret about the dilemma of childhood obesity?

A society that cares about its children will prosper.

Claire Power Murphy, Cambridge Who's Who Top Industrty Expert Representing Health, Wellness and Nutrition www.selfrej.com

Featured Book in Health & Wellness

Created On: 09/15/2010 02:48:58
A featured author in the Health & Wellness category on Author's Den, my book, Preserved to Serve, is now a featured book.

Song Inspired by Preserved to Serve Rises to #12

Created On: 07/16/2010 07:56:03
Inspired by multi "award-winning" Preserved to Serve, the song, "Preserved to Serve" has moved from off the charts to #75, to #32, to #12. See Top 100 Chart www.cgcradio.com

To see "award-winning" singer, songwriter Terrance Alan singing the song, see the featured video on www.filedby.com "Preserved to Serve Promo". Click on the main filedby video promo, and at the end click on the right arrow below the video and you will find the Preserved to Serve video promo.

To listen to the full song as an mp3: www.myspace.com/terrancealanproductions

To purchase a personally autographed package of the book and the CD sung by "award-winning" singer songwriter, Terrance Alan. www.selfrej.com

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Claire Power Murphy
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