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Color Struck
Prejudice of any kind is destructive, but when it exists within a family, it can be devastating. Color Struck dives deep into the soul and heart of a matriarch who refused to let the 'color issue' tear her family apart.
Pamela M. Tuck

My Books

Joechel Books
$9.95 USD
"A deathbed shouldn't be the peacemaker in this family."

Fifteen-year-old Renee Steele never understood what Pa-Pa's words meant, until she’s caught in the middle of a growing battle between her two older cousins. She fails at her attempts of keeping peace between them. Their clashing attitudes, regarding skin tone, trigger a sensitive nerve in their Grandma Bell, who detects trouble returning from the grave.

The division between her granddaughters prompts Grandma Bell to share a little family history. Her narrative begins with how she secretly courted their Pa-Pa, “Buck Steele”. After they elope, Grandma Bell finds out that Buck has no money and they have to live with his parents. Father Steele makes it clear that Grandma Bell doesn’t meet his standards. Her newlywed dreams turn into her worst nightmare, as she begins her married life as the despised daughter-in-law. Grandma Bell’s presence and her peculiar eyes do more than anger Father Steele…they haunt him.

A thread of the past is thrown into the girls’ contemporary lives, uncovering a family secret that entangles them in a heartrending web. Will they be able to break free, before the deathbed claims them, too?

I am also the author of The Adventure of Sheldon, the Mushroom, which is a children's book that includes a narrative CD with music and sound effects. Both books can be purchased from my website: www.pamelamtuck.com.


fiction, inspirational, young adult

About Me

Author Portrait
Pamela Tuck is a native of Greenville, NC, but has
been a resident of Pennsylvania since 1996. She
credits her writing to her upbringing, surrounded
by southern storytellers. She is a life-long writer,
who began her writing career with poetry in
elementary school. Inspired by teachers, family,
and friends, she branched out into short stories
and plays. She is particularly interested in
writing stories for children, from picture books to
middle-grade novels.

She received the 2007 New Voices Award from Lee & Low
Books for a picture book story entitled, "As Fast As
Words Could Fly", which is scheduled to be released
in 2011.


2007 New Voices Award from Lee & Low Books
Color Struck made the Top 100 Books of 2010 in Conversations Magazine.
Color Struck made Book News in the Daily Reflector newspaper.

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Pamela Tuck


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