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Eye of the Desert
A suspense thriller novel.
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It is raining outside. She can hear the water banging against the wood siding. Inside Elizabeth Stanford is asleep in her bed though in her dreams she is miles away. She is somewhere in Egypt. She is holding something in her hands, a parchment of some kind. She can hear the water banging against the giant granite blocks of the temple. And then, she wakes up.
Five years ago Victoria Stanford, Elizabeth's grandmother, disappeared without a trace. Convinced she is still alive Elizabeth decided to move back into her grandmother's old Victorian house, hoping to learn the circumstances of her grandmother's disappearance. Shortly afterwards Victoria's journal mysteriously reappears in a desk drawer. Elizabeth is shocked to discover the journal is entirely blank. Wanting answers Elizabeth and Maddie, her best friend, travel to Egypt to search for Elizabeth's grandmother.
Along the way Elizabeth meets Violet Teasdale, a spry old woman who claims to be an old acquaintance of her grandmother. Violet convinces Elizabeth and Maddie to stay at her villa in Egypt. All the while Elizabeth's peculiar dreams continue. She does not know if they are images of the past, or images of what may come. Elizabeth's reality is shattered when a massive earthquake thrusts her into a world of intrigue where not everyone is who they appear to be.
Later the smart and charismatic Trevor Winslowe is brought to a vintage chateau at a secret location somewhere in Egypt. In the business world Trevor is known as a successful entrepreneur with a most interesting client base. His current client had requested a meeting with him. Trevor knows very little about his client apart from the name, the Circle. After an intimidating encounter with a man in ancient Egyptian garb, Trevor quickly regrets his decision to work for him and strives to sever all ties.
Meanwhile, Elizabeth and Violet finish recovering from their ordeal, and Elizabeth discovers the key to unlocking the secret of her grandmother's journal. Upon seeing the journal filled with writing again, Violet is forced to tell Elizabeth a secret she has been keeping from her.
All paths converge at a little museum owned and operated by The Keepers of the Way. Here Elizabeth and Violet meet two elderly persons, Unas and Ireaus. From them Elizabeth learns her grandmother is still alive but trapped in the Secret Chamber, and only she has the power to free her. When four colored figures, referred to as the Tetrad, appear out of thin air, Elizabeth is plunged into the middle of an ancient power struggle between good and evil. Her journey leads her to the most ancient of temples and gateways, while traversing lethal traps and obstacles. Elizabeth must free her grandmother and together they have to stop the great evil that threatens the entire world.
What began as a search for her grandmother turns into so much more. Elizabeth is pushed into a world she could never before have imagined. A world filled with ancient temples, oracles, the wonders of magic and the Labyrinth. It is a world in which time and space are severely limiting terms.
fiction, suspense, thriller

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