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The First and Last Kiss
A friend found a friend that was the first trustworthy person on earth that she could reveal a shocking secret to about her brother, who raped and abused her on different occasions when she was only seven years old.
The First and Last Kiss

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The First and Last Kiss
Yvalia Dimanc’s life seemed to take a new direction after she found a best friend who was respectful, tender, and caring. A friend she found as the first trustworthy person on earth that she could reveal a shocking secret to about her brother, who raped and abused her on different occasions when she was only seven years old. Her friendship with Evenson Dufour has been scrutinized by many, including her family members, because Yvalia and Evenson were too close to each other. Their moral values helped them to keep their friendship clean from impudicity. On a rare occasion, they shared a kiss, but that was the first and last kiss.

This book is dedicated to all women in this world.










Writing the story in this book was a responsibility that I took on my shoulders to denounce the abuses against girls, kids, and very young teenagers around the world. I had to set an incomparable commitment to realize this book project because this is my fourth book in about seven months. My everyday life changed throughout the time that I committed to write this book: I neglected to watch my favorite TV programs, go to social activities, and talk a lot about politics with my friends. In light of the fact that my life was quite changed, I was determined nonetheless to write this book about a true story that I witnessed and experienced in my life when I was very young. I needed courage to deal with the vivid and nostalgic facts that I penned down in this book. My famous collaborator, during the writing of this book, was my memory, which didn’t make me dig or stretch it too much in order to remember most of the facts, events that I experienced with my friend Yvalia. This was crucial for me to bring back everything exactly as it happened more than ten years ago, and found the way to start the first chapter appropriately wasn’t easy. You, my dear reader, who have this book in your hands now, will judge my performance on putting this story together. I was able to become a perfect unlicensed psychologist from the process because I had to concentrate on drawing Yve out, which I did impeccably. I freely reduced the time that I should spend with my family and rearranged my schedule to make this project become a reality. When I couldn’t remember some facts, I took a walk outside my community by the lake so that I could regain my concentration in contact with nature. Most of the times, this strategy worked well for me. I added a little literary flavor for my readers: two or three easy-to-read poems that are not out of the context of the story in this book. Also, I added many great quotes or ideas about friendship.

For many of my teenage years, I never thought about whether I was going to be a real respectful friend for a girl. Maybe more honestly, I didn’t think I could be friend with a girl without sexual implication. As first a child and then a young man, I admired friendship when I saw others or heard them talk about how wonderful a good friendship can be or read about how friendship with the opposite sex can be enjoyable and joyful. Don’t get me wrong, this didn’t mean that I didn’t have friends at all. But, true friendship with a girl like the one I was going to develop with Yvalia was like a new world for me. These five bold font words in the preceding sentence are big words. Yes, they’re Powerful, Intimidating, and Splendid. These are words for heroes, for those who brave the impossible, who can control the part of their bodies below the belly button, and make the real difference between friendship and relationship with the opposite sex.

Each time I talked to Yvalia, the fiery, disgusting feeling against Yve, Yvalia’s brother, who was the rapist or abuser, got my frustration at the highest level. Even today, I am still asking how a brother has the guts to have sex with his own little sister no matter how old he is. And what pushes a brother to take the virginity of his own sister.

Listening to Yvalia, I felt a rush of empowered dignity, true friendship, and profound respect. This is the person that I became in order to help my unforgettable friendship with Yvalia. Internally and externally, I triumphed with my friendship with her. Yes, I was able to support her, give her good advice, study with her, go so boldly, and take a firm stand so bravely. Then, I avoided committing unwanted mistakes that could jeopardize my friendship with her.

What happens nowadays is that millions of people can’t really enjoy the best outcomes from friendship because of uncontrollable male voracity to have sex. Why a girl or a woman often has to say, for example, I don’t understand what he wants from me. I love sex more than any other man on earth, but I didn’t let this physiological need interfere or stop me from enjoying the true and pure friendship love that I developed with Yvalia. Only one thing that happened between her and me was the First and Last Kiss.

 This story is, above all, a story about a wonderful friendship, and it has plenty of emotional aspects, but it is also rich with good advice. At the same time, it is a story of a young girl who has been sexually abused by her own brother.

This is a powerful tale of true friendship.

I want to warn you that this story is charming and moving, so don’t miss a sentence from each chapter because this book is going to switch on a sleeping light in you. I am more than convinced that you will love it. This book is very easy to read, but it is an extraordinary book, for it is touching. I am sure you won’t soon forget it.




Before the Story







When my friendship with Yvalia ceased to be the same way it had been for a long time, suddenly many people believed that she and I were more than friends and that if it had not been for my friend Emmanuel’s evidences at a meeting, the reputation of Yvalia would have been hurt because she was known as a prestigious young girl who always did her best to avoid having early relationship, sex, and bad girl behavior; there would have been a dark shadow that would follow her almost everywhere in the society. The truth would have never come out, and she would probably have to suffer from a devastating secret for the rest of her life.

With Yvalia, I have learned a lot of things about friendship. First, I thought that it was impossible for a young boy to be friends with a young girl without having some kind of male and female content leading to sexuality, but my friendship with Yvalia was 99.7% pure. Second, I believed that friendship between a girl and boy would result anyway in an erotic relationship; however, for a few years, Yvalia and I enjoyed probably the best amity in the world while we profoundly respected each other. Third, I understood that a respectful friendship with the opposite sex is one of the best things in life. Finally, I have learned the reason people can’t enjoy friendship: lack of respect, confusion between friendship and sentimental relationship with the opposite sex, and confusion between deep appreciation and love.

That friendship obviously had a significant impact on my life, my personality, and my heart.

Miryamm Dimanc, who was Yvalia’s sister and my Bible instructor, couldn’t believe that her sister was just my friend; Ronald Dimanc, Yvalia’s brother, said that my friendship with Yvalia had a connotation of two young lovers, and two other older sisters went on with Ronald’s opinion. There was the oldest brother of the family, whose name was Yve; he often never talked in front of me, but he always had a suspicious behavior—he projected a double face. In my own observation, I discovered that he could never look my friend Yvalia straight eye to eye; I didn’t give a great deal of importance to that fact, but later, I would be the first one on earth to know a devastating secret about him and my best friend, Yvalia.

After I knew the secret, I could not tolerate seeing him around because of what he did to his young sister. My friend Yvalia was nice, tender, goal-oriented, and virtuous.

I will tell you later in the development of this true story what Yve, Yvalia’s brother, did to her when he was eighteen and she was only seven years old.

My friend Yvalia, who had become my best friend, my sister, my cousin, my counselor, and at the last moment of our friendship my strength, was suffering profoundly from an incident that happened in her life. I was fascinated by her courage and her strong personality.

Her smile was special; her eyes for all time expressed the perfect charm of a young woman; her face and body let out the perfect beauty of a young teen, and she was five-foot-four.

She did not have the same behavior as other teenage girls. One day, “You didn’t experience infant ages,” I pointed out to her. She laughed at me. “You are always so lost in the universe,” she said. “Why?”

“Yvalia, I do believe that if you, of course, had known all the experiences that all kids have known, you would not behave as an adult most of the time. You can look at yourself to understand what I am talking about.”

“If your idea was completely true, I would look at myself for sure, but my friend, there’s something that you don’t know about me, so one day, when I feel more comfortable, I will talk to you about it, and I have to tell you that you are the only one on earth who will know it because I feel that Jehovah sends you as my best friend in this life, and I feel very, very, very comfortable with you,” said Yvalia.

“Okay, little mango, just let me know when you are ready; this is now the time to practice math and physical science because I want you to succeed in your premier baccalaureate exam,” I replied. The first baccalaureate level in secondary school in Haiti is now equivalent to the 11th grade in high school in the US.

So get ready; you need to get a big container full of popcorn, something to drink, and a handkerchief because you might have tears coming down your face, and you will understand how my first kiss with Yvalia was the last.



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Evenson Dufour is currently studying political science at Florida International University. In 2008-2009, he was placed on the Dean’s List and on the President’s Academic Honor List for excellent academic achievement at the end of spring term at Palm Beach State College. He studied social sciences at State University of Haiti. He has a certificate of proficiency in accounting and business mathematics from Ecole de Commerce Julien Craan, Port-au-Prince, Haiti. He graduated from an English-as-a-second-language program and an electrician’s program from Professional Career Development Institute, Atlanta, Georgia; he also has had a license in real estate since 2005. He is the author of the books The Words of a New Literature, Compilation Samples of Essays and Paragraphs for College Students; President Obama and his Three Main Conservative Opponents: Who’s right? Who’s wrong?; Dreams: an Incomprehensible Aspect of Communication. In 2009, he worked as a supplemental instructor at Palm Beach Community College. In 1995, he started his career as a fiscal taxes inspector in the city of Delmas, Haiti. In 1998, he worked as a dean and a teacher for eleventh and twelfth grades in Ecole Freres Gilot, Carrefour, Haiti. In 2005, one of his poems, “A Sunshine in the World,” was published in the Great Poems of the Western World Anthology Excellence in Poetry Series.

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