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Grow A Business
A MUST READ for anyone considering starting and growing a profitable business. Grow a Business – Plant Today! A straightforward approach to starting a small business and growing it to produce an abundant harvest and profitability.

My Books

CBA Publishing
US $14.95
Grow a Business–Plant Today! has been written to provide all
those who are thinking about starting a new business venture,
have already started one, or are struggling to keep one going,
with an easy-to-follow plan (that they can relate to) that will greatly
increase the opportunity for success and profit. The content of this
book evolved from a lifetime of experience and from the experiences
and insights of many successful business leaders and entrepreneurs.
You will not have to spend years gathering information and doing
research to achieve a greater probability of success. Why reinvent
the wheel?
Most individuals, in either childhood or in adulthood, have
planted something and watched it grow. It may have been a single
plant or a large garden, but everyone has done it. You may not have
realized it before, but all of the steps that it takes to start and to grow
a successful business are included in the steps required to plant and
grow a plant, a successful garden or a huge farm.
It does not matter if your past growing experience was successful
or not. This book gives you all the Business-Gardening tools you
need now to grow a highly successful Business Garden.
There are over 600,000 new business start-ups each year, many
of which will wilt and die on the vine within a few years after starting.
Therefore,it is important for you as a new business entrepreneur
to do everything possible to enhance your opportunity for success.
This book provides you with a business-growing advantage over
your competitors.
In the business world and in life, if you have a proven plan or
template and you follow it, you greatly improve your successes …
and profits. Franchises understand this. All franchisees are required
to follow time-tested plans that increase their chances to grow and
become financially successful.
Grow a Business-Plant Today! provides you, the new business
entrepreneur, with an easy to understand step-by-step plan that will
guide you to a more successful and profitable outcome.
Now, pick up a copy and Grow A Business–Plant Today!
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Hi, I am Richard "Dick" Osgood, M.A., retired college professor and Director of Emergency Medical Services Education (31 years), former owner and publisher of "Quality Lifestyle Magazine" (For those enjoying their second fifty years), and successful business entrepreneur. I am husband to my lovely wife Susan, and a father and grandfather. I am a resident of Fountain Hills, AZ and Hudsonville MI(outside of Grand Rapids). I enjoy swimming, golf, writing and keeping in contact with lifelong friends. I love helping others to plant and cultivate their goals and harvest dreams.

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