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Office 2010 ExpertEase: Word & Excel
Make a ‘seamless’, exasperation-free transition to Office 2010. This portable, concise, user-friendly book tells you where to find familiar commands within the ribbon interface. Embrace Office 2010 without disturbance to your workflow.

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non-fiction, business, reference, computer

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I have been using computers since 1974 - and training other people to use them since 1984. I have a Bachelor of Business, Diploma of Education, Workplace Assessor & Trainer certification, and 25 years’ experience in training-needs analysis and development of training resources. Training is something I love doing. Professionally, I have also been involved in event management, managing a conference centre and numerous contracts utilising my innate 'problem-solver' skills and/or my writing skills.

Along the way, I have also qualified as a Naturopath & Remedial masseur. For the past 15 yrs, I have led a 'split professional life', 50:50 Naturopath:IT Trainer. I also conduct training in the Natural Therapies field and write regular articles aimed at empowering people with knowledge so that they can take control of their own health.

Personally, I love bike-riding, swimming, hiking, 4WD-ing, camping and generally exploring places I've not been before. I am a ‘would-be-carpenter’ – I love working with timber – and have now restored two properties entirely by myself - plastering, tiling, building decks, installing doors, leadlighting, removing walls. I also love to dance, and have done so in many forms since I was a child. For the past 3 years, I have also been a member of a professional bellydance troupe.

Life is a wonderful journey, and I fully intend to explore as much of it as I can.

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