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Depression Cookies
Depression Cookies is a coming of age story woven around the heart of family triumph. It is told from two distinct vantage points, middle-aged mother, Abby, and her teenage daughter, Krista.
Depression Cookies, a novel

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Abby is buckling under the weight of a husband who is climbing the corporate ladder, three daughters each with their own unique needs, a mother who is going off the deep end and family health issues. As she is meeting everyone else's needs, her own keep surfacing. She feels she is losing parts of herself daily and doesn't know how to handle the stress and conflict. All she truly wants is a little magic in her life.

Krista is thirteen, battling acne and low self-esteem, when her father waltzes in and announces the family is moving again. Instead of letting fear and anxiety rule her life, she is determined to survive the trenches of teenage cruelty and family issues without completely losing herself in the process.

What neither expects to find is the true essence of magic in the strength, friendship, power and energy of the female spirit.
fiction, women's issues

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Note: Depression Cookies was co-written with my mother, Angela Beach Silverthorne

Growing up, my only hometown was wherever my mother, father and two sisters lived. My heart lies in memories, not in any geographic location. After moving to Kentucky for my senior year of high school, I chose to go to the University of Kentucky in Lexington. My practical side took over and I began working toward my BBA in Finance, but I kept finding myself taking as many English courses as I could fit into my schedule. I wrote for my school newspaper, the Kentucky Kernel, and quickly found the journalism students assigned me all the "boring" business articles on budgets and school finances. Then, the head of the journalism department said he had the perfect job for my varied talents. For two years, I wrote the corporate newsletter for a subsidiary of IBM.

The second day of college I met my wonderful husband, Ed. When I graduated, we moved to Chicago to start our lives together. Somehow moving ended up being a virus, and we caught it. In a span of less than five years, we had three beautiful daughters. They were all born in different cities and we are now in our sixth location after fifteen years of marriage. Thankfully, I know love and family transcends everything.

Writing this novel with my mom was a true gift. Finally I could tap into the creative writing I always yearned to do. As much as I treasure my life as mom and wife, I'm excited to see all the paths I'm still yet to take. If nothing else, I've learned that life is an unpredictable journey.


“Depression Cookies... is so well written with picture perfect descriptions in writing that makes it a must read for all families... This book is bound to become a classic. Kudos Angela and family.” – Matt L.Barbani, Author of The Transformation Formula
“As a former Political Science and Women’s Studies major, I see this book in somebody’s University. This is a sure study of the traditional role, and the reasoning of women and men manifested in today’s society. Not to mention the psychological, social and analytical study of developing teenagers.

As I read, I feel the frustration and desire of Abby trying to hold her family together. What incredible strenght she has! And Krista! My, now I know what my teens are thinking and feeling.” - Brook Lynn Dorcent, Author of Missing the Mark
“Depression Cookies is a lively telling of the two very different experiences of mother and daughter as they face yet another uprooting of family life. Vividly written by a mother-daughter writing team, the dueling narrative spurs readers onward as Krista battles acne, jaw restructuring and junior high bullies at the same time mid-life matriarch Abby is struggling for control over aging parents, an often-absent husband and her own unrealized dreams. Grab this book for your mother or daughter...” —Stacey Hartmann, journalist
"A heartwarming story of family love, the perfect book to share between a mother and daughter." Ellen Feld, Feathered Quill (5 out of 5 stars)
“Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes—in fact, two pairs at once. In this sharply insightful and engaging work of creative fiction, a reader will certainly see himself (yes, him) or herself repeatedly in the situations, the thoughts, and the reactions and interactions that each of the authors reveal as they unfold, in parallel, this tumultuous period of their lives. At journey’s end we emerge from the family’s conflicts and comforts with a rare awareness—the value, indeed the triumph of seeing beyond ourselves.”
—Nancy Clark, author and poet
“Exceptionally portrayed by mother and daughter authors, each gives her own perception of events challenging their family stability that occur after one of their many corporate moves. Each family member tackles the adjustment to their new community, but it is particularly difficult for daughter Krista. Inclusion of suspense, drama, humor, and interesting characters make this novel an excellent read.”
—Lane Schroeder, author and poet

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