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The Sun Singer
Robert Adams journeys on a hero's quest into an alternate mountain universe to finish the work his avatar grandfather could not complete.
Malcolm R. Campbell

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Vanilla Heart Publishing
When Robert Adams sees the statue of the Sun Singer in a lonely meadow he hears the song of the sun and receives the gift of prophecy. He excels as the Soothsayer of West Wood Street until a psychic dream graphically foretells the death of his best friend's sister, Julianne. Robert blames himself for the tragedy he cannot prevent and shoves his bright talent into the dark shadows of the future where, he suspects, it will one day save him... or kill him. After blindly vowing to finish a task for his ailing grandfather, Robert steps through a hidden doorway into a world at war where magic runs deeper than the mountain rivers. Now he must resurrect his dangerous gift to fulfill his promise, uncover the true secret of Julianne's death, undo the deeds of his grandfather's foul betrayer, subdue brutal enemy soldiers in battle, and survive the trip home. The journey is a physical one: mountain trails, a resistance group fighting a tyrannical king, a vision quest on a mountain peak. The inner journey is the one that matters, bringing back sanity-threatening talents and the kind of magic that will subdue enemy soldiers, heal the sick, and bend time itself. The Robert who returns, transformed into the Sun Singer, is not the Robert who walked into the mountains.
The Sun Singer, set in Montana's Glacier National Park, is a hero's journey novel based on the monomyth sequence popularized by Joseph Campbell

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Malcolm R. Campbell is the author of two hero's journey novels, "The Sun Singer" and "Garden of Heaven: an Odyssey" and the comedic satire "Jock Stewart and the Missing Sea of Fire."

His work has also appeared in the National Park Service's Glacier National Park centennial anthology "100 Years 100 Stories," Vanilla Heart Publishing's "Nature's Gifts" and the "Forever Friends" anthology.

He has worked as a college journalism instructor, technical writer, and corporate communications director and served as the chair of his local historic preservation commission.

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Malcolm R. Campbell
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Doing Right by My Protagonist

Created On: 03/14/2011 17:24:28
I have written three novels with a male protagonist. Now, for the first time, I'm working on a novel with a female protagonist. I've avoided doing this for years because the last thing I want to hear is: "No woman would think like that."

I'm about 50,000 words into my WIP, "Sarabande." It's a heroine's journey novel, the flip side of "The Sun Singer," which is a hero's journey novel. As the sequel, "Sarabande" takes a character introduced in "The Sun Singer" and tells her story.

I know the character very well but, as always happens when I write, I'm learning more about her with every new chapter. My approach is to "allow" my characters to tell their own stories. To do this, I listen a lot and follow the action wherever it goes.

So far I'm happy with what I have. But, when all is said and done, I want to do right by the character. I see that as my "first duty."

Malcolm Campbell
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