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Avian Kitchen Recipes for All Birds
Avian Kitchen Recipes for All Birds is the 3rd in our Pet Kitchen Cookbook Series. A collection of homemade natural treat recipes for all birds - Canaries to exotic Macaws - and Wild Birds. Companion books:Canine Kitchen Recipes and Feline Kitchen.

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Avian Kitchen Recipes for All Birds is the 3rd in our Pet Kitchen Print Series. The recipes are easy to make with ingredients already found in most kitchens. Natural treats help to round out a bird's diet. Prepackaged treats are generally unappealing because they lack the freshness that birds want. Most recipes allow you to substitute your bird's favorite ingredients including seeds or pellets. Each recipe is labeled for the appropriate bird size. We know that bird's are creatures of habit and may be suspicious or cautious when offered new foods or treats. So if you have been feeding the same old commercial treats to your Avian Connoisseur, make your own fresh and easy treats instead. Avian Kitchen Recipes have been known to take away cage "boredom". As with all Pet Kitchen Series helpful hints, bits of this and that, coupled with detailed recipe instructions make this more than just another pet cookbook.
Pet Kitchen Series - Print Editions - CANINE KITCHEN RECIPES - FELINE KITCHEN - AVIAN KITCHEN RECIPES for All Birds. Pet Cookery Series - eBooks - CANINE COOKERY MEALS - CANINE BAKERY TREATS - FELINE COOKERY - AVIAN COOKERY. Print editions differ in content from eBook formats.
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Over the past 45 years, of education, travel and education, a holistic pet treat bakery and natural pet food shop an extensive collection of recipes evolved. Requests for the author's recipes for meals and treats have come from discriminating canines and their caregivers worldwide. These recipes were unavailable until now in a print publication format. The author's philosophy to empower the pet food consumer is the thread that runs throughout her "Pet Cookery Series of eBooks"
available on the following topics: cats, dogs and birds. Devoting herself to the importance of natural animal care, the author continues to write, lecture and consult canines, felines and their caregivers on the values of natural nutritional issues. The author has made available her "Pet Kitchen Series" - a collection of books in print, by request. Other in print works: Canine, Feline and Avian books. The author is currently working on Equine (horse) and Small Animals and Rodents (ferrets etc.) books to complete both Series of cookbooks.

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