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Short Book Description

Rosie's Gold
The themes of trauma and recovery and discovery are woven through this tale, as Rosie, her brother, and their friends face the realities of survival in the wake of tremendous loss, and in the face of great difficulties.

My Books

Bridgewood Press
The novel opens in the middle of an African drumming and dancing event in Flagstaff, and we meet Rosie. She is a college age woman struggling with emotional and relationship issues stemming from childhood sexual abuse. She has a close relationship with her older brother Danny, and their parents who live in Scottsdale. When Rosie's parents are killed in an auto accident, she begins the voyage of self-reliance and discovery as the emotions of trauma past and present collide.

Rosie's parents left a parcel of land in the Bradshaw Mountains, with a cabin and a creek running through it. The land has a long history of gold mining and ranching. Rosie determines she will make a sustainable farm on this land, forging a new life and purpose for herself with the help of friends from Prescott. She makes a difficult journey through the many challenges she must handle to survive on the farm- as a rancher and as a young woman facing adulthood.

The themes of trauma and recovery and discovery are woven through this tale, as Rosie, her brother, and their friends face the realities of survival in the wake of tremendous loss, and in the face of great difficulties.

Themes: sexual abuse and recovery, personal discovery, self reliance, sustainable living, PTSD, young adult relationships, sexuality after abuse, native American healing, alcoholism

Other Titles by Nancy Marshall

Cooperative Tenements Through Modified Rehabilitation, Nancy Hicks, Thomas M. Wells and Charles F. Brennan,  © 1969, Trilon Research Corp., New York. (nonfiction)

Dear Grandma, Love Elias, Nancy Hicks Marshall, Ill. By Michelle Bush, Brunswick Publishing Company, 1984. (fiction)

Arizona Legal Guide on Reproduction, Sexual Conduct and Families, Nancy Hicks Marshall, Ed., © 1985, Arizona Family Planning Council. (nonfiction)

Flex (a bimonthly newsletter on teen sexuality and prevention issue), Nancy Marshall, Ed.,  1989-1991, Arizona Family Planning Council. (nonfiction)

Sex and the Law: Arizona Legal Guide on Reproduction Sexual Conduct and Families, rev. ed., Nancy Marshall, Ed., 1995, Arizona Family Planning Council. (nonfiction).

Turkey Creek Tales, Nancy Hicks Marshall (illustrations by NHM), © 1997, Phoenix, Arizona.  (fiction)

self-help, fiction, women's issues, recovery, wellness

About Me

Author Portrait
Nancy Marshall has been a resident of Phoenix, Arizona for 35 years and an active member of the community of social justice. Her work and writing have covered a span of social issues related to women's sexuality and rights, as well as extensive involvement in the juvenile courts system. Nancy continues to advocate through her writing and participation in the peace and justice community. She has been an active member of book groups through the years, as well as teaching all ages. Her passions include gardening, hiking, competitive squash and cookies. She is married, with two children, two very large dogs and a cat.

Arizona professional History:

Executive Director, Arizona Civil Liberties Union, 1975-79;
Editor of Sex and the Law, a legal compendium of laws on reproduction, family law and sex crimes for the Arizona Family Council 1985, 1995;
Editor of Flex, a newsletter on teen prevention issues, for the Arizona Family Planning Council, 1989-1991;
Experience as substitute teacher in several school districts; and
Attorney in private practice in family law, and since 2004 as Guardian ad Litem for children in the Maricopa County Juvenile Court.
Author, Rosie’s Gold, (2010) Available for purchase on either website, Rosiesgold.com or NancyHicksMarshallBooks.org.
About Nancy Personally:

Raised in the East, lived in New York City, moved to Arizona in 1975.
Has traveled to Europe, Africa, Mexico, South America.
Loves to play squash, hike, walk the dogs, visit the mountains or ocean, keep an almost completely organic garden, feed the wild lovebirds.
Studied French, some German, and functions well in Spanish
Married (only once, member of the “moo” club), two adult children

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