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Non-Adversarial Communication
Non-Adversarial Communication: Speaking and Listening from the Heart is a 'how to' guide for bringing the language of mind, heart and spirit to conflict resolution and to personal or professional relationships.


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Velvet Spring Press
Non-Adversarial Communication:Speaking and Listening from the Heart is a guide for bringing the language of mind, heart and spirit to conflict resolution and to personal or professional relationships. The book draws from the authors' work as mediators and trainers as well as from their personal experiences.

Brownell and Bache-Wiig have taught Non-Adversarial Communication since 2002, helping both lay people and professionals communicate in ways that prevent exchanges from becoming conflicts. The book closely follows the concepts and methods used in their workshops. Chapters include numerous real-world examples along with activities to deepen understanding and foster skills. The exercises and suggestions help readers keep the intention toward non-adversarial communication fresh and alive.

Non-Adversarial Communication (NAC) uses two different information-processing systems: emotional intelligence (heart) and brain intelligence (mind) to guide our choice of words and the way we listen. The result is a style of communication that is both honest and kind.

This peace-building approach works for families, businesses, and communities, small and large.
non-fiction, self-help, recovery, reference, wellness

About Me

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Arlene Brownell and Tom Bache-Wiig co-founded Connection Partners, Inc., a mediation, facilitation, and training company, in 1999. Together and independently, they strive to change the energy of conflict into the energy of solutions.

Arlene Brownell’s professional career spans over 30 years and includes her contributions as an interdisciplinary social scientist, manager, organizational consultant, and executive coach for senior federal employees. She holds a BA in Psychology and an MA in Community and Clinical Psychology from California State University, Long Beach, and a PhD in Social Ecology from the University of California, Irvine. Following her PhD, she completed a two-year postdoctoral research fellowship in Public Health at UCLA. Arlene has also completed several advanced trainings with The Center for Nonviolent Communication.

As a mediator, collaborative divorce coach, group facilitator, and Non-Adversarial Communication trainer, Arlene works with individuals, couples, families, neighbors, organizations, and faith communities.

Arlene has published over 80 articles in professional and lay periodicals on diverse topics, such as adult learning; stress, coping, and chronic illness; aligning values and performance; preventing sexual harassment; economic change, life events, and depression; training measurement and evaluation; Non-Adversarial Communication skills to enhance collaboration; and the benefits of mediation to business.

Arlene loves to hike, snowshoe, and ride her tandem bike with her husband, Tom Bache-Wiig.

* * * * * *

Tom Bache-Wiig worked with more than 400 businesses in his previous career as an independent sales representative, bringing to successful resolution countless negotiations and conflicts. His business experience enhances his work as a mediator, collaborative divorce coach, group facilitator, Non-Adversarial Communication trainer, and Visiting Program Manager for the federal government’s Conflict Resolution Skills course.

In addition to earning his BS in Business from Regis University, Tom has completed extensive training with The Center for Nonviolent Communication, and has had over 25 years of experience resolving business and relationship disputes. He strives for balance between the practical and the ideal, and between risks and benefits, whether he is designing or facilitating group processes, or helping others to reach solutions. With expertise in Interest-Based Negotiation, process facilitation, and Non-Adversarial Communication, Tom seeks to find themes, reframe concerns, structure conversation, pace meetings, identify needs, and ask the right questions at the right time.

Tom has a passion for skiing, running, cycling, hiking, and for Arlene Brownell, his wife of over 28 years.

For more information about the authors, their trainings, and other conflict resolution services, click the menu links above, or go to www.connectionpartners.com.


"This book is an absolute gem! Using the four steps of NAC, the reader will transform relationships and connect with others with compassion, clarity and integrity. The activities throughout the text and the 12 -month daily practice guides reinforce the concepts in adelightful way, allowing the reader to begin using NAC right away."
-Christine A. Coates, J.D.,
Mediator, lawyer and co-author of
Learning from Divorce
"Just finished your book. Great turn on! Besides supporting everything I believe in, you pushed me into thinking more systematically about Intentions and Needs for sure. Additionally, your treatment of the dangers of slipping thoughts and judgments into the "I feel" clause of the "When you.. I feel" re-sensitized me to this critical issue."
-Ran Huntsberry, Ph.D.,
Founding co-partner Listening Unlimited, Vice-Chair Boulder Victim Offender Reconciliation Program
"I love the book. You write about a non linear process in a linear, easy to understand I love the emphasis you've put on intention. Reading this book has given me new energy and a fuller understanding of the process. I've recommended the book to clients. The lessons in the book make a great tool for couples work, and for individual work within a relationship. Much gratitude!"
-Jeff Jones MA, CACII
“You've done a marvelous job of explaining the concepts you use in your Non-Adversarial Communication training and giving the readers a rich array of next steps to deepen their understanding and develop good communication habits, both within themselves and with other people.”
-Robert C. Atchley, Ph.D.,
Distinguished Professor of Gerontology (Emeritus), Miami University.

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