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Sand Play for the Soul
WHO WOULD GUESS placing items in sand & answering a few questions can transform lives so powerfully! Access an innate intelligence so revealing, no problem is insurmountable. Meet remarkable people who dialogue with their Soul & defy the impossible! (Read more...)


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Soul House Press
Who would ever guess that one of the oldest expressions known to humankind - playing in the sand - could transform people's lives so powerfully in less than ninety minutes.

Enter the expansive world of Sand Play for the Soul, where the power of discovery through the wisdom of the Soul takes you on a journey of possibilities and self-transformation beyond what was thought to be within our reach.

Learn how a simple form of play can awaken an innate knowing so revealing and so empowering that no life-challenge or obstacle is insurmountable. Through practical and simple instructions, you discover how to dialogue with your soul in three-dimensional form. Meet people of all ages, from diverse life backgrounds and populations, who embark on a Sand Play for the Soul and transform their lives in profound ways- even midst exceptional challenge. You too can experience this incredible process in the comfort of your own home, or other special setting!

"This is truly a remarkable book and revelation concerning the dynamics at the heart of change. Warm, wise and accessible the techniques developed by the author are clearly potent and facilitate an authentic and profound encounter with the Soul. The personal accounts of clients are moving and unforgettable. This book is a must read! I would consider it a very great privilege and an experience of a lifetime to encounter first hand the magic of Paula Petrovic's work."
--Fred Mathews Ph.D.,
Author and Lecturer on Transformational Change

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Paula's story, "Big B," is featured in A Cup of Chicken Soup for the Soul.

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Enjoy and share its goodness with your loved ones.


non-fiction, self-help, recovery, inspirational, wellness

About Me

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The journey of learning and discovery has taken Paula on some extraordinary Life adventures.

Living through family events, loaded with challenge, danger, and miracles in her native country Canada taught her many valuable lessons about the seen and unseen world. Paula’s childhood upbringing, Life sojourn after she left home at the age of 19, gave her skills and wisdom to work with people in ways different from most practitioners in the social and human services. Paula offers her clients the opportunity to experience the “bigger picture” of who they are through the “eyes of their soul” utilizing the power of Sand Play and other ancient forms of play.

After working several years in human and social services, as a counselor and educator, Sand Play found Paula and it was love at first sight. (See her story in Sand Play for the Soul.) She has since joyfully facilitated thousands of Sand Play sessions for two decades in her studio, amidst the majestic, beauty of Sedona AZ. Paula’s life’s background is extensive and diverse, making her an experienced and well-rounded professional. Her sensitivity towards the challenging plights of her fellow human peers in the seen and unseen world helps make her clients feel truly heard and supported at a core level- a quality her clients love when she facilitates a Sand Play session.

Paula’s colorful, and sometimes dramatic adventures, have taken her on numerous fascinating inward journeys. Whether they involved her friends, family, clients, colleagues, or a person who crosses her path one brief moment in time, she has always been able to listen to their soul as they tell their stories. She then is able to support and counsel them from that place of knowing. Paula’s attributes this talent to her no.1 mentor and guide in life, her “SOUL”… that magical essence or “Is-ness” she feels exists in and all around us, everywhere in the universe. It is her soul she says led her to Sand Play.

With family, friends, and clients, and during her world travels, Paula felt blessed to have witnessed the power of the human spirit at its sparkling best many times in their lives. How they survived through and beyond extreme adversity, even against all odds, always put her in state of awe. Their experiences along with her own continually affirmed, “When the Soul speaks guides doors open, and all become possible. Answers come quickly with a clarity and truth nothing else can match.” (Excerpt found in Sand Play for the Soul.)

Some of Paula’s greatest joys in Life are facilitating Sand Play sessions, writing, performing, traveling and playing in the inner and outer worlds of life. She has worked in a variety of capacities, with a wide range of age groups and populations. If there is a heart-felt, soul-stirring discovery to experience, or service needed to assist those who seek her professional assistance, Paula is always present and eager to venture beyond limitation into “New Worlds of Possibility.”

There is nothing Paula will not try when guided by her soul. Her soul is adventurous and loves to make people laugh. Performing in the musical comedy/drama, “The Drunkard”, as “Carrie Nation" - the infamous, hatchet-reeling, bible revivalist, who destroyed many bars in her day- left a lasting impression on Paula’s audiences. Her five year journey with Southwest Arts in Action acting in a “Playback Theatre” Troupe sent her audiences into hysterical laughter when they saw her perform some of her outrageous, fantastic characters.

As a consultant, facilitator, educator, counselor, performer, and author Paula’s career spans 30 years over 4 continents. In private practice since 91, she works with the private, professional and business sectors facilitating individual and group sessions, workshops and retreats to suit the specific needs of her clients. Recently Paula and her “Sand Play for the Soul” work aired in two highly acclaimed documentaries, coast to coast, on Canadian TV, one of which is nominated for a Gemini (a Canadian Emmy).

Her skills, talents and passions focus on empowering her clients to actualize their potential with clarity, enthusiasm and success. Her masters degree and undergraduate work in Psychology, Humanities and the Arts focused on Individual, Family and Child Counseling, Expressive Art Therapies- including Sand Play Therapy, Play Therapy, Art and Drama Therapies; Program Development and Administration and the Performing Arts.

Stay tune for more adventures in the big and small sandbox of life! One never knows what will happen next or what will be offered at her SandWorks® studio in Sedona, AZ. For more information on Paula and her work go to www.SandPlayfortheSoul.com.


“Sand Play for the Soul is destined to become a classic of the new-generation, self-help literature now emerging. Engagingly self-empowering, Paula’s book reveals her mastery of Sand Play Therapy and also invites the readers to discover their own soul’s true voice. I strongly recommend this book both to therapists and to all who seek a brighter personal and planetary future."
- Chet B. Snow, Ph.D.,
author "Mass Dreams of the Future"
“Sand Play for the Soul is destined to become a classic of the new-generation, self-help literature now emerging. Engagingly self-empowering, Paula’s book reveals her mastery of Sand Play Therapy and also invites the readers to discover their own soul’s true voice. I strongly recommend this book both to therapists and to all who seek a brighter personal and planetary future."
- Chet B. Snow, Ph.D.,
author "Mass Dreams of the Future"
No matter who or where you are in the scheme of life there is a knowing place within your psyche privy to information capable of re-creating your life in extraordinary and wonderful ways... especially when Sand Play is the mode of communication.

Sand Play for the Soul allows you to dissipate the enemy within and awaken the friend instead. When you become aware of “the full story of who you are” - the complete, unedited version - truth takes on a whole new meaning… that’s when life gets “real” interesting!
"Learn how playing in the sand can connect you to your higher nature. Paula Petrovic shares stories of the process. Very freeing way to reframe, release, and balance traumas, fears, habits, etc. In the Conscious Media Network interview Paula explains how 'Sand Play can affect anyone from any walk of life and reminiscent of our youthful play on the beach, takes you back to a time where the soul was easily and creatively expressed through sand.'"
- SanShine from Stumbleupon.com
" I was compelled to read Paula's book after seeing her interview on Conscious Media Network. Her book was different, deep, spiritual, fascinating and easy to read. I knew after reading it I had to experience Paula's work first hand. I participated in weekly sessions by phone and attended an individual retreat and it changed my life in profound ways I never imagined was possible... it was amazing!"
- Margarita Slavkova, Real Estate Specialist, Florida

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