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Written by Jamie Saloff   
Monday, 07 December 2009 19:04

Thank you for stopping by the Polka Dot Banner (PDB). Our goal is to help authors show off their books to potential readers. If you are an author and would like to join, here are a few things you should know.

1. Who Can Join? We welcome any author who currently has a print and/or e-book available for sale on Amazon.com (at least). If you have a completed book and are not on Amazon at this time, you can write to us for an exception. Typical exceptions would be books about to be published, ebooks available from other well-known online retailers, and self-published print books with a limited market. When you write for an exception, we will ask to see a copy of the book, either as a PDF or you can mail a copy to: Saloff Enterprises, P. O. Box 339, Edinboro, PA 16412. This book will not be returned.

2. Only published authors are allowed to have profiles and post information about their books on their profiles. We reserve the right to edit or remove profiles or information as we see fit in accordance with our ISP's terms, our rules, and good taste.

3. Once you have registered, please login and complete your profile. Simply click to "view my profile" (visible from the Member Alerts page). While viewing your profile, scroll down to find the menu below the first set of tabs, then click on the menu item to "update profile." From there, you'll find many more tabs and fields to fill in about your book, yourself, and other offerings.

4. If you want your book to be visible, you must post the front cover (only) of your book as your profile image. (Note, only images of covers can be shown in this field, others will be removed by the moderator.) Profiles without book covers will be removed. For best results, remove any white areas on your cover image. Links to image editors are available in the help menu. (Technical specs are approximately 300 pixels tall / 72 dpi.) You must have a cover image for your book to show up on the site's front page. Your self image can be added on the About Me tab. Remember to save every few minutes by clicking the button below the tab fields.

5. After you have created your profile, login and read the Member's Alerts page where you will find notes about the site, tips about getting more hits, and other site helps. This is where we post important news about the site, so check it often.

6. Book listings are Free. Learn how you can help keep the site up and running with your donations and advertising opportunities. We have extensive costs that keep the site up-to-date and running smoothly. Your advertising and donations ensure we can continue doing so. Those who help out gain extra links to their profile. The PDB is not corporate owned, we're just a one-person entity striving to work together to help us all.

7. Need Help? If you are too busy to set up a profile or are not technically inclined, we will do it for you for a fee, based on your needs.

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