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Written by Jamie Saloff   
Monday, 01 February 2010 13:56
JamieLSaloffHere is the place to ask questions about publishing and marketing books. Jamie has over a decade of experience in book design and consulting with authors who publish their own. She has also been a long-time member, MSA award winner, and former board member of Pennwriters, a multi-genre writer's organization. If you have a question about publishing, self-publishing, or marketing, feel free to ask it here. Jamie will pick topics from your questions to write about in this blog.
To ask questions, you may post using the comments box below any Ask Jamie post, or feel free to email your question via the Contact Us tab.
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Shawna Lynn
written by Shawna stewart, April 20, 2010
How do you put up an annoucment for a new book release?
Thanks Shawna Lynn
Jamie Saloff
written by Jamie Saloff, April 21, 2010
Shawna, there are several things you can do. First, I highly recommend adding something in the Forum, in particular, you might add a story to the "Why I Wrote My Book" category because when you do, the fact that it is a story tends to draw people in more to read about your book than a simple press release-like blast saying "ta da! Here it is!" It also grabs more search engine hits drawing in more Google traffic. Every time you add a comment in the Forum, it links back to your profile.

Don't forget the obvious, which is to login, click to view your profile, then scroll down below the tabs and choose to update your profile. From there, you'll have a host of tabs where you can add all kinds of information about your book, including links, raves and reviews, events, photos, as well as short and long descriptions of your book. You can even include a short excerpt of the book in the long description area, if you like.

You can post a little shout in the Shoutbox: "Hey check out my new book!" (It links to your profile if you login first.) That is pretty short lived, though, lasting only as long as it takes for a few more posters to push you off the viewing page - and it is not a good idea to keep posting it day after day, it might annoy rather than promote.

Check out the Member's Alert area for some other things we do and ways we promote. The goal is to be seen, and we do that in many ways. The policy here is author-helping-author, which means the more we all ask our friends and fans to visit our profiles, the more we all get viewed. The more we get viewed, the more opportunities we have to be bought. Thus one way we help our authors is by giving them multiple ways to earn more links in. You can read about those ways on the Member's Alert page. (Editor's note, you must be a registered author and logged in to see those pages.)

Thanks for asking.

Natalie Tinti
written by Natalie Tinti, April 21, 2010
Hi Jamie, how do you select authors for interviews?
Thank you.
Jamie Saloff
written by Jamie Saloff, April 21, 2010
Natalie asked how the PDB chooses the Featured Authors we interview and place in a prominent position on the site. It is a reward we give - it cannot be bought!

And it is a reward that the PDB bestows on an author once per month, who has gained the most views in a given month. (they cannot have been awarded that position before). This author must be published in print or e-book, and available for sale on Amazon.com, as we also post and link their book directly to Amazon for quick sales. The purpose of the Feature is to draw attention to an author who is working hard to get the word out about their book. It is the PDB's way of giving them a little extra help to honor that work.

As part of the Featured Author package, we place their name on the front page slider. We also create a special top of the page banner for them and their book(s) that links to their profile. These banners are theirs to also display on their own sites. We display them and the interview link for up to 15 months. The Featured Author page is available via a main tab on the website, which takes readers to the listing of past Featured Authors, making it easy for readers to find them, which always means those authors are higher in views when we check the stats. So gaining the Featured position is a great reward.

For any author who wants to see where they stand in the stats, they should sign up for the Fast Blast ezine where three times a month they will receive an email with the top 50 visited profiles and tips on how to get more hits. (See the Member's Alert page.)

Thanks for asking a great question, Natalie.
robert nowak
written by robert nowak, June 02, 2010
Do you think the new apple ipad will compete with Amazon kindle? Can authors use both ebooks?
Jamie Saloff
written by Jamie Saloff, June 02, 2010
No doubt that Apple will compete with Amazon Kindle, as well as B&N;'s Nook, Sony's eReader, and Google's online offerings. As readers and consumers, we want to read on whatever device we choose. This includes computers, phones, and whatever the manufactures present to us. It's our choice in a free market. What this means for publishers and authors is that we must be willing to offer our product in a variety of formats. It's not convenient, especially right now with each provider wanting a different format. It's not necessarily easy, with hoops to jump through, many hands in the til, and marketing to get the word out that we have whatever format you need. But this is the digital world and what we must do to keep readers reading our works. They will continue to read whether we are there or not, so it's up to us to be there and hope they are reading us and not those who didn't feel it was important to be there. Have fun with it. I am. Thanks for asking.
Marie Fostino
written by Marie Fostino, November 16, 2010
Hey Jamie, I hope you are doing well. It looks like your site has been really improving. You have been really busy. How are you feeling? Well I have been trying to update my site and I am having trouble understanding how to put my picture on my profile page under about me. When I tried i accidently took off my book and you fixed that when i didn't have the right picture to put back on again. THANKS. I do have a picture under the picture part but I can't figure out how to put one on the About Me part. Maybe you can help. If I don't get a chance, I want to say HAPPY THANKSGIVING. My 99 yr old grandma will be here today from Wisconsin. I am so excited. And yes she does have her mind. Catch you later. With much appreciation, Marie :)
Jamie Saloff
written by Jamie Saloff, November 16, 2010
Marie, great question! To add an image on the "About me" part of your profile, login. Go to your profile. Scroll down below the text area and find the update links. Click to update your profile. Go to the "Bio" tab and look for the avatar image uploader. Try to pick an image that is head and shoulders so you can be front and center. After you click to upload, scroll down and click save below the tabs. Check your profile tab, it should now be there. If you need to resize it or crop it, look for the image info in Member Alerts.
Jamie Saloff
written by Jamie Saloff, November 16, 2010
(Note:) The images on the Short Description page on some profiles is different than what is described above. They were added manually by me to authors who were on the original site that started out with 12 authors.

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