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Written by Jamie Saloff   
Friday, 09 May 2008 14:59

What Authors Are Saying About the Polka Dot Banner:

When I first discovered Polka Dot Banner my attention was drawn immediately to its attractiveness, a true user-friendly site.
I noticed all of the motivating perks for both authors and readers and I saw an opportunity to earn greater attention for my book. I never dreamed I would quickly become a featured member! Everything is done fairly - with no favoritism. Owner Jamie Saloff  is always available to assist authors with their needs. Polka Dot Banner sure gets my vote!


I love PDB! I've joined most of the online author/reader connect sites at one time or another, each with mixed results. In the few short months I've been a member of PDB, my personal web traffic has increased, e-Signed website orders of my featured book are up... In addition, my number of new newsletter subscribers has doubled... While many of the author/reader connect sites have brought additional exposure in web traffic, PDB is the first to translate traffic to sales.

PDB makes it so easy for authors to drive traffic directly to their websites and online booksellers. Using the PDB banners on all of my blogs has encouraged visitors to click through to PDB, where they get a solid preview of my novels and me, increasing interest. Thanks, Jamie and  PDB! You are a phenomenal author/reader resource.

Jayel Gibson, The Ancient Mirrors series

"When a letter from my publisher arrived last week, I expected it to be yet another quarterly report with low or no sales, but was pleasantly surprised to receive the largest royalty check I've ever gotten! I was amazed, and attribute it totally to the Polka Dot Banner's sparking new interest in me and my book. Halleluiah!"

Jane Nixon White, The Taming of Corky

"I had another successful book signing of THE CABIN (actually I SOLD OUT) this weekend and, as with the last several, I've had customers stop and say "I SAW IT ON THE POLKA DOT BANNER!" This weekend I had just set-up and went to greet the first customer who said "I READ ABOUT THIS!" When I questioned her it turned out she had read one of the forums, which led her to THE CABIN's narrative. I checked this morning and I was stunned to see 280+ hits on the forums related to THE CABIN. I couldn't be happier..."

Walter Honsinger, The Cabin

"I joined the PDB a few months ago after discovering it while surfing for author sites.  The site caught my attention right away.  I liked the way it was set up - I found it easy to navigate and unique in its look.  I've joined several author sites in the past and found most to be cumbersome to upload information, pictures, etc.  Not the PDB!  It was easy, quick, and actually fun to get started.  When I had a question, the site's owner, Jamie Saloff, was quick to respond and very helpful.  I'd definitely recommend the Polka Dot Banner to any and all authors!"

Ellen Feld, Award-Winning Author of the Morgan Horse series

"THANKS so much for creating such a gorgeous site. When you posted our recent interview, I had the perfect opportunity to send a link from your site to everyone I know (seriously!). The feedback I've gotten has been so positive. Your site is so professional (and attractive), I'm thrilled to be associated with it. I look forward to taking advantage of the PDB services to market my books -- because it's clear you know what you're doing!"

Sheri Bell-Rehwoldt, You Think It's Easy Being The Tooth Fairy?


"Got my sales report. I am selling books again! My gut tells me that what you are doing is now also working for me. I believe PDB is starting to bring more exposure to my book. I even heard from a long-lost family friend who found me on the PDB. I am one of your no# 1 supporters!"

Paula Petrovic, Sand Play for Your Soul

"I have come to believe that it is the Internet that is now “the tool” to boost the career of writers and authors, especially with first class promotional book sites like Polka Dot Banner."

Judy Azar LeBlanc, Many Faces to Many Places


"I feel the Polka Dot Banner has helped me to have a positive and professional presence on the Internet, a place where readers can go to find out more about me, my books, and the books of my fellow authors. When I knew I had a book coming out and no clue about how to build a website, the PDB gave me a comfortable home for my links, reviews, and book news until I could find the time to create my own website. And when I did, I'll remained with the PDB. You can't beat the exposure."

Liana Laverentz, Thin Ice and Jake's Return

"I had great sales this month! Thank you for all the work you're doing with the PDB."

Mary McGovern, The Reason We Are Here - The Truth


"I like PDB's aura and its simplicity, I clicked on my picture, copied 'my book,' 'bio,' and 'my reviews,' and sent it to our local newspaper. It got me my first feature story."

Perry Foster, Hands Upon My Heart: My Journey Through Heart Disease and Into Life

"The Polka Dot Banner has been a great promotional boost for my first thriller novel, 'Unholy Grail,' which reached number 9 and 8 on the National Nielsen Bookscan ratings behind Nicholas Sparks, Stephen King, and Danielle Steele,"

D. L. Wilson, Unholy Grail




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