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Written by Jamie L. Saloff   
Tuesday, 22 December 2009 22:52

JamieLSaloffWelcome to my newest blog, the place where I can share my thoughts about writing, publishing, and marketing books, and a few other random thoughts.

I wanted to start by explaining why I started this site. Of course, it began with my own book, Transformational Healing and the ways I experimented with marketing it. I quickly learned the hard way that there are many ways to spend money to market books, and not all of them are good.

One of my worst mistakes was spending nearly a thousand dollars to display my book around the world at shows. I did not sell one book. (I wish I would have bought lottery tickets instead.) All that money was lost except for the education I gained from doing it. From that experience, I did learn a valuable rule to use when marketing, and that is as follows:

First, figure out if the marketing action will create trackable sales. In other words, when I sell a book, will I know it was because of the marketing I did, or will it be a guess? Trackable sales are a very good thing because they allow you to see if the marketing paid off.

The second part of the rule is that the more I can track and/or guarantee sales, the more money I want to put towards that and the less I can track or guarantee sales, the less money should be put toward marketing in that way.

Lastly, when I find something that offers trackable sales, and is successful in creating them, (note, this is very rare to find both in one), I want to do that as many times and in as many ways possible.

And that is where the Polka Dot Banner came in for me. I had posted my book on a similar site, had been able to track sales that came from being listed there, and realized I could create a similar site that would allow me to not only sell more books, but help many other authors do so as well.

And thus, the Polka Dot Banner was born, originally with twelve friendly authors who agreed to let me experiment, and with a little web design know-how based on a very simple concept. The more a book is seen, the more opportunities there are for it to be bought. The more we work together as a team, the more people we can bring to the site. Thus we are a site of authors-helping-authors, who also love to read, love to share with others about books, and hope most of all you, the reader, will buy our books.

So if you are an author, post your book, tell your friends, and learn about other ways you can participate on the site. If you are a reader, please explore, browse, read excerpts, learn more about the authors and their books, and consider buying one or two for yourself, friends, family, children, siblings, co-workers, and others who you know also love books.

Jamie L. Saloff

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