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This section highlights videos that I've found to have a valuable message for writers. Choose a category (more will be added soon), and then browse that category for quick how-to and informative videos.

If you'd like to recommend a video for the site that is helpful to authors, registered users can do so via the links at the right, non-registered users can email the suggestion via the site contact form. All links will be reviewed for appropriateness and then posted within a few days. (Do not submit book trailers.)

Note: I've watched the videos, but can't personally vouch for any programs, services, books, or other offerings by these people. Buyer beware and be wise.

  • Writing Tips   ( 1 Article )
    Tips on writing, articles, short stories, novels, and non-fiction.
  • Movies and TV   ( 2 Articles )
    Tips on how to get your book made into a movie or for television.
  • Book Promotions and Signings   ( 1 Article )
    Tips for book signings and other author promotions.
  • Social Media   ( 3 Articles )
    Social Media—FaceBook, Twitter, and other ways to connect with fans on the Internet.
  • Humorous   ( 1 Article )

    Sometimes we take this marketing stuff too seriously and need to chill out with a little laughter. So here's some things about books and marketing that will make you giggle.

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